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Features of Infinite funds PTC


Advertise your opportunity to our Thousands of members that want to make money from home and online!

Get Paid To Click

Earn while clicking on Advertisements looking for the opportunity that suits your needs.

Earn from Referrals

Earn from every referral click aswell as every referral entry in our structured level share program. Plus Bonus Referral income as they reach higher levels.

Structured Level Share

Infinite-Funds uses a Structured Level Share system that pays out to existing members as I-F memberships grow. This is how I-F shares growth profits with its members!

get started Right Away

Ways to Get Paid....

  1. Clicking on Ads
  2. Referral Ad Clicks
  3. Referral Upgrade to Paid Member
  4. Referral Ad Pack Purchase
  5. Structured Level Share Program Level Completion
  6. Referral Level Completion in Structure Level Share Program.

Join For Free!

You join for free and earn for free but must become a paid member ($7.50 USD and can be paid from earnings) to cash out.  Then you will benefit from our Structured Level Share Program earnings also.

Buying Ad Packs automatically upgrades member to Paid Membership!

Structured Level Share Program Pays on Every Level

Level Completion Payouts (/) Referral Bonus to your Sponsor

  1.  $0.75
  2. $5
  3. $5
  4. $35    (/)     $5
  5. $80     (/)     $20
  6. $500    (/)    $100
  7. $2,600   (/)   $400

Our Growth Since Launch (June 2020)

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

"I really like that I can advertise my opportunity to my target countries by blocking the countries that its not offered in, at least i know the clicks i receive are within my target audience."

Julia Swartzki
"I absolutely love Infinite-Funds PTC, I have gotten new signups on my other business opportunity and I've added another stream of income! I would recommend Infinite Funds PTC to anyone that has something to advertise or wants another income stream!"
Teresa Henry
"I started as a free member, earned from clicks and my referrals, upgraded to paid membership with my earnings, and found a couple great opportunities that i like. Now, I will be advertising too! Thank You Infinite-Funds!"
Martina Henks
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