How it works

Infinite-Funds Paid To Click

Infinite-Funds has created a platform to help everyone, whether you are looking for that perfect opportunity or maybe you want to share that perfect opportunity!.


Free Membership

Join as a free member and Get Paid to look at advertisements from our “Paid Members”..  Refer new members and Get Paid for every advertisement your referral clicks on aswell. Get Paid for every referral that upgrades to “Paid Membership”.

To be eligible for withdraw, a free member must upgrade to “Paid Membership” but don’t worry, Infinite-Funds will not force you to pay this out-of-pocket, this $7.50 upgrade fee can be paid from Ad Click earnings aswell!


Paid Membership $7.50 USD

Join for Free, upgrade to “Paid Membership” by adding funds, using earned funds from Ad clicks, or buy an Ad Pack to be automatically upgraded.  Once a “Paid Member” you benefit from everything a free member does, plus you start receiving company payouts from our structured level share program, this pays over 7 levels.

The Structured Level Share Program is built to share the companies growth profits with members.  As I-F Paid Memberships grow, we share those funds with existing paid members.  Its our way of saying Thank You!

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